Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February Favourites!

Today’s post is all about my February favourites. And what I mean with that? I am going to show you all the things that I am using lately in my everyday life. Most of them they are Beauty products! Soo lets start.

My number one favourite product for this month is my dramatically different moisturizing gel by Clinique. Every girl should use a moisturizing cream twice a day, because it makes your skin soft, smooth and improves the texture and condition of your skin. If you don’t have one you should definitely go and buy this one! I Love Clinique products! I am using them also for my make-up!

Next we have the Garnier Pure active Anti-Blackhead deep pore wash. I am using this product twice a week in order to remove the dead skin from my face and fight the appearance of blackheads and shine.

Omg this one I loooooooooooooove it so much! I recently bought from victoria’s secret  this amazing body spray! It’s the midnight glamour and it smells amaaaaazing!!! You should try it!

If you haven’t yet tried the Maybelline bb cream YOU HAVE TO!!! I love this product because I can wear just this and go out for a coffee if I don’t want to put a lot of makeup! But usually I am using it as base and then I am adding  my Maybelline dream matte mouse! And believeeee me the results are amazing!

My favourite perfume at the moment is the Roberto cavalli!!!! TRY IT!

For body cream I am using the vitamin E body butter from The body shop it smells nice and it keeps my body moisturized all the day.

And for the end I have my favourite nail polish from gosh! I love this “Night kiss” colour because it fits so nice with my winter outfits!

What are your February favourties Girls???

With Love,
"The Little Black Dress"


  1. Hello! One of my favorite products is the "Silk Protein Cream" from SBARK! it really helps for split hair ends and dry hair! You should give it a try!

  2. I own the Victoria's secret body spray and it's really amazing!!! It smells perfect! For those who seek a cheaper choice I have tried Vanilla body spray from Boots which also smells great (just 3 or 4 pounds).
    Another product I loooove is the Maybellin super stay 24h waterproof powder... For those with skin problems that want to avoid make up this product is better. It smoothly covers almost anything and you can use it by applying a moisturizing gel - which I also believe that is a MUST for the ladies!! :)

    That's all from me! I want to try Garnier product as well and the nail polish looks amazing! xxx