Sunday, 16 February 2014

6 Must Have Bags For Spring/Summer of 2014

I am so excited since I’ve started writing this blog. I have so many ideas for posts and each time I am writing a post I can’t wait for the next one!! For today I was thinking to write about some of the must have bags for spring of 2014… and more specifically for the 6 must have bags for spring/summer of 2014. 
The most important rule for our spring/summer outfits is COLOURS COLOURS COLOURS! ADD COLOURS GIRLS!! Don’t be afraid of buying colourful clothes and accessories. Stay tuned about my future posts of how you can combine colourful pieces from your wardrobe and create amazing outfits!! Below you will see 6 of my favourite must have bags for spring/summer of 2014.

I am waiting for your comments and don’t forget to tell me your favourite must have bags!!

With Love,
“The Little Black Dress”

1. Miu Miu Spring

2.Fendi 2Jours Geometric bag

3.Moschino Bucket bag

4. Givenchy Antigona bag

5. Chanel Boy Flap bag

6. Celine Bag

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  1. I reaally loved the MOSCHINO bucket bag! I think I like all the bucket bags! They are casual, comfy and easy to carry around!! Can't wait for future tips from you! Maybe you can show us some outfits to wear?


  2. I love the chanel boy bag and celine!! Your taste of bags is excellent! Keep the good work :)) xxx