Thursday, 13 February 2014

All about Little Black Dresses…. First official post about fashion couldn't be anything than a post about the famous “Little Black Dress. Every girl should have one and know how to wear it on several special occasions…

The little Black dress is a dress where every girl should at least have one in her wardrobe. Its a Black, most of the times; short Cocktail Dress and it was originate in 1920's by designs of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou.  The Little Black Dress can be worn on many different occasions! For example you can wear it at work with a Jacket and a pair of pumps or you can wear it on the evening with a nice statement necklace and a nice pair of Sandals.  When you are buying a black dress try to choose a simple dress so then you can create different looks by styling it up with different colours of shoes and accessories.

Below you can find some of the Best Little Black dresses of 2014 and some ideas of how you can wear your Little Black Dress.

 Aaaaand…If you haven’t got yet a Little Black Dress..You should definitely buy will see how many different looks you can create with it and you will love it.

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"The Little Black Dress"
Kenzo Jacquard Dress

Zara Faux Leather V Neck Dress

ASOS-Leather High Shine Tee-Dress

Zara Fitted Lingerie Style Dress
Jigsaw Jet Bead Maxi Dress

Jennifer Aniston 

Amanda Seyfried

Dasha Zhukova

Images Source: Harpers Bazaar and


  1. Ohh I didn't know these things Maria. I have plenty of those black dresses thought. But I will never look the way you look in these honey. Can't wait for the next article

  2. Do you think that black is symbolic as a colour? A lot of people consider it slimming .. what's your opinion?

  3. Ofcourse! A lot of people are saying that black colour makes you look thinner!! I believe that but that does not happens all the time because it depends of many other factors, such as the style of the dress the fabric etc. !!!