Saturday, 29 March 2014

TOP 6 Season Trends!!

Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!!! How Are you???  Sorry for not posting lately but it is the end of semester and as much as I don’t like studying I HAVE to focused on my assignments (and believe me I have sooooo many! :p).  For today’s post I decided to write about the 6 Season Trends we all should have in mind! Below you can see my favourite TOP 6 season trends for 2014 and some clothes that you can buy in order to follow these trends.

1: Pastel Colors:

2: Wide Leg Trousers:

3: Bomber Jackets:

4: Tea Length Skirts: I Love them and i can't wait to show you my outfits with my new Tea length Skirt! :) 

5: Collarless Jackets: They are so Elegant! I like them!

6: Floral Clothes: And here comes Spring!!!!!!!!!!

You can find all of these pieces at h&m stores!

Hope You like them!!

With Love,

"The Little Black Dress"

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