Saturday, 22 March 2014

Spring Wardrobe Choices!

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!!

Today i went for shopping!!! I love this season because all of the stores have colorful  storefronts and when you get in??? There is more and more color everywhere! :)  I went at the H&M store and i found a lot of nice pieces but i couldn't decide which of them i like the most. Soooo i decided to do a post and ask you to tell me which of them do you prefer! And then i am going to do a post wearing all these things that you have suggested me!
This kind of sweaters are so in fashion lately and this color i think it makes it more fashionable! What do you think? 

A creme Top! I think it would be nice with a statement necklace for a night out!

OK!!!! I am buying this one DEFINITELY! I think you agree with me!!

I like leopard patterns and when they are on pink color i like them more!

Imagine this skirt with a white stripe top!! I think it would look soo nice!! And i like the color soo soo much!!! Say YES!

Aaand for the end we have my favorite one!

So i am waiting your opinion guys!!!! :) 

With Love,

"The Little Black Dress"

Images Source: H&M ,

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